Kohler K-3577-7 Wellworth Classic 1.28 gpf Toilet Review

The Kohler ,K-3577-7, Wellworth Classic 1.28 gpf Round-Front Toilet with Class Five Flushing Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever is an economically and modernized product of Kohler toilet Industry. With the distinct Black color and design, this toilet makes more unique with other toilet brands in today’s market.

Kohler manufactured a new model of toilet that provides fashionable design and powerful flushing performance for the convenience of the users. With the elegant look and unique colors even your visitors will gonna love it.

Rating statistics
13 customers rated this toilet for 3.9 stars, 8 of them gave 5 stars and only 3 customers rated for 1 star.

How this toilet Kohler K-3577-7, Wellworth Classic works?

This toilet has a Class Five Flushing Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever. It has a dimension of 27-1/2″ in Length x 19-5/8″in Width and x 28-1/4″in Height. The Class Five flushing technology provides a powerful bulk waste flushing performance and maintains the cleanliness in the surface. Also, the Canister flush valve gives a thorough flushing actuation with a consistent water usage.

About the toilet
This Kohler K-3577-7,Wellworth round-front toilet provides a beautiful design and high functionality to the bathroom with the extraordinary flushing power of the Class Five. Also, Wellworth toilets lasted for 70 years with astonishing innovative performance.

With the top performance and style this award-winning Wellworth toilet is now recognized by a pedestal lavatory to provide comfort and continuity to the bathroom. Both pieces provides a graceful design to the bathroom.

 Water saver toilet
The 1.28 gpf High-efficiency toilets gives an important water saving consumption of up to 16,500 gallons per year unlike with an old 3.5 gallon toilet without leaving performance behind.

Shipping details
This toilet has an average weight of 90 pounds and it is only available in U.S territories. Also, this item must be delivered separately to provide handling with care plus free shipping delivery.

Reasons why customers rated this toilet for 3.9 stars
DIY-Guy says ” I just installed this toilet by myself and it went easily without any problem at all” p23w commented ” Easy to assemble and works very well, I would highly recommend this toilet” B. Laveine personally shares that ” It matches my new bathroom and it has a good price for a hard to find color, I really like my toilet” Amer Haobsh says ” Excellent product, saves a lot of water and very comfortable to use”
monroe jenkins jr. surprised ” Wow, this is the classic that I ever wanted in my black bathroom. I really love it” Dale Lachman says ” It works like a beautiful charm and my whole family is very happy with this toilet”

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