fevers shmevers - children's advil to the rescue

about a month ago i received some lovely samples from children's advil... i was asked to use them and give my opinion by may 4th.  lo and behold, we had not (knocking on wood) had an illness that *needed* children's advil.  

until yesterday... figures...

both girls tested positive for strep yesterday at the pediatrician.  she suggested replacing toothbrushes, no sharing of cups (good luck with that one) and take either children's advil or some ibuprofen.

children's advil is able to provide 8 hours of relief, along with reducing and keeping a fever down for long periods of time! 

here's a few tips Dr. Alanna Levine, a nationally recognized pediatrician, and the makers of Children’s Advil:

-   Stay Cool:  Remember that most fevers are in fact indicators that the body is fighting an underlying illness. 
-   Be Prepared: Start the season by talking to a pediatrician about proper fever management.  Also, check the medicine cabinet to ensure that all medications have not expired or been recalled.
-   Watch for Serious Signs:  Generally, it’s time to call a pediatrician:
  • if your child is less than three months old and has a fever of 100 degrees or higher;
  • if the fever is over 103 degrees, no matter what the child’s age;
  • if the fever lasts more than three days;
  • if your child has a fever and looks and acts very sick; 
  • if you are concerned regarding your child’s health.(duh)
we're working on having molly take medications by mouth instead of her g-tube, so the crape flavor is really helping out in that case.

you can get some coupons here!  

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